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Another mine Seruci e Nuraxi Figus are the last two mines that produce coal in Italy today. Inaugurated in the 1938 in the south of Sardinia, the mines will stop their production on the 31st of december 2018. During the Fascism period the mines produced over a million of tons of coal per day. They have been used as a mean of propaganda from the fascist regime to represent the energy and the strength of Mussolini’s autarchy but they also contributed fundamentally to the development of Sulcis zone (Sud of Sardinia ). Back in the days over 18.000 miners worked in the 30km long mining tunnels at a depth of 370 metres under the ground level. Today there are 300 miners left. In the Sulcis zone the crisis already started 30 years ago. Today people have no perspectives of life and the unemployment rate of young people is about 58%. The new generations live alienated in a company town where there is no possibility to get a job or any perspective of future. Paradoxically they live in a mining town where all the mines will be closed. The only things that remain of the mines is the darkness

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