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COndiVIDendo 19” (from the italian "condividere" which means sharing) is a photographic and social project narrating about cohabitation of italian citizens during Covid19 health crisis.The images, like family portraits, describe groups of people living together in those environment where they are self-isolating, be that families, single persons and mixed groups.

Every picture will belong to two authors, the home-based photographer and the subject and they will share the whole process of creation of the final picture via a video call.The subjects share their time, their life, their intimacy and their image, first with the photographer and then with society.This process, in addition to narrate the story of day to day cohabitation of the subjects from the outside to the inside, will also serve the social and community purpose of sharing one’s own mental and physical condition, from the inside to the outside, similar to the very human need to interact with the rest of the community, self-isolation notwithstanding.

Following the Italian Government lock-down measures imposed on 9th March 2020, some families managed to reunite, possibly after a long time, whether others were completely separated with some family members left stranded in remote places, far away from their loved ones. In other cases, single individuals have been forced to cohabitate with strangers, forming mixed groups, not linked by familial relations.During the current health crisis, the meaning attached to the word cohabitation has changed, creating new relations from a sort of forced sharing, in particular, of spaces, habits, feelings and fears.

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